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If You Want to 5x the Amount of Leads You Generate with SyncMSG Without Any Ad Costs, It’s Important You Read This:

Hey, Brad Stephens here.

First and most importantly, thank you and congratulations for getting inside of SyncMSG.

You’re about to see how this brand new Facebook lead generation technology can take your business to the next level with double the marketing power. It’s literally revolutionizing how people generate leads with one click and you’re getting in on the ground floor!

SyncMSG by itself will turn anyone into a successful Facebook marketer.

But let’s chat about how you can automate your lead generation so that you have an endless supply of fresh, hungry prospects to email and send messages to and convert into customers.

Brad Stephens

5X Your Sales & Traffic
by Unlocking This...

In order to take full advantage of SyncMSG for profit, you need to have traffic coming to your landing pages in the first place. Not only that, you have to use one of the custom buttons we provide by placing a script in your code.

On top of that, you’re limited to just ONE syncing option on one website domain.

This is extremely limiting and it really puts you in a sealed box that you’re trapped in. What do I mean? Well put it this way...

If you have only had 50 people landing on your website, landing page or eCommerce store (or any other web page where you have SyncMSG running), then you only have the option to sync 50 people to your email list and Facebook messenger list.

SyncMSG PRO finally allows you to burst out of this claustrophobic box and opens up the exciting opportunity to expand to thousands of email leads and Facebook messenger subscribers WITHOUT needing to depend on existing traffic AT ALL!

It ALSO allows you to run multiple syncing options on UNLIMITED domains using our special ‘growth tools’.

Automated Unlimited Supply of 3x Synced Leads TODAY Without Any Extra Work

SyncMSG PRO breaks the limits of having to have existing traffic in order to sync prospects to your 2 diversified platforms. It AUTOMATICALLY syncs prospects by pulling in traffic from directly within the Facebook Newsfeed!

This opens you up to 10x more traffic because you no longer have to depend on unpredictable old-school traffic generation that generates “yo-yo” traffic (100 visitors one day, 2 visitors the next).

What if you could use a ANY CLICKABLE IMAGE within the Facebook newsfeed and send traffic to your SyncMSG landing page?

You can boost the post and even take advantage of 100% free organic traffic by posting to your Facebook page or personal Facebook timeline and watch the shares, comments and likes do the work for you.

Not only that, with SyncMSG PRO we give you the option to run your SyncMSG campaigns on unlimited websites.

Even more, you can now take advantage of people landing on your external websites, landing pages, eCom stores, blogs or ANY marketing pages you own using SyncMSG PRO using our special ‘growth tools’ (get MORE from every visitor landing on your SyncMSG landing pages).

As a result, lead generation conversion rates are through the roof because the prospect still doesn’t have to enter their email address to be synced to any email list or Facebook messenger list of your choice.

It’s all the benefits your already know are associated with SyncMSG, but opened up to double the traffic!

Remember, these are email leads and potentially Facebook messenger subscribers you can contact 24/7, 365 days a year with new offers, discounts etc.

Think about that for a second…

You’re expanding this brand new (double) lead generation technology to ANYONE who visits ANY of your websites, landing pages, eCom stores, blogs or any marketing pages you own!

…and opening up an unlimited supply of traffic from inside the Facebook newsfeed!

That’s HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS and even TENS of THOUSANDS of potential email leads AND messenger subscribers at your fingertips…

Did I mention this bypasses the recent
“click-baiting” update?

Yes, you heard that right!

You may have heard of Facebook’s recent “click-bait” and “engagement-bait” update where they are going to be penalizing people for saying things like “Comment “YES” below for…”.

Well, with SyncMSG Pro, we aren’t using any engagement-bait because we aren’t depending on likes, shares OR comments!

The prospect only has to click the image in the Newsfeed to be sent to your SyncMSG campaign.

 That’s it! Simple and powerful (and smart).

Introducing “SyncMSG PRO”

  • Expand on profits from this new technology by running (double) lead syncing campaigns by pulling traffic inside the Facebook Newsfeed!
  • One-click email lead syncing campaigns on your websites, landing pages, eCom stores, blogs or any marketing pages you own!
  • Ditch the limitations and run SyncMSG campaigns on unlimited websites.
  • Special lead generation growth tools such as pop-up technology with exit-intent, custom call-to-action buttons, live chat boxes and more with SyncMSG technology inserted!
  • Unlock eye-catching & juicy analytics on every one of your campaigns you run (for all of your lead types)!
  • 10 Done-for-You money-generating messaging funnels waiting in your account!

Your 3 Types of Leads, Traffic and Sales Explode
with SyncMSG PRO Features

Feature 1

Pull in Traffic Directly from the Facebook Newsfeed!

Just by upgrading to PRO, you’re automatically adding thousands of email leads and Facebook messenger subscribers to your list inside of SyncMSG - from within the FB Newsfeed. Remember, these are leads you can message anytime you want, with new offers and discounts! Why limit yourself to 50 leads from unsustainable traffic when you could be generating thousands?

Feature 2

Unlock Growth Tools that Sync to Both Types of Leads

Why be limited to one type of traffic source or syncing option? Using SyncMSG Pro, you can use our special (multiple) growth tools to sync visitors from ANY of your websites, landing pages, eCom stores, blogs or any marketing pages to any lead list of your choice and prospects still don’t even have to enter their email address! Lightbulb moment? Think of the opportunities this opens!

Feature 3

Custom Call to Action Buttons

Create 100% customizable buttons for your website, eCom store, blog or any marketing page that initiates the special SyncMSG syncing process!

Feature 4

Special Chatbox Technology

Yet another growth tool with SyncMSG PRO that lets you sync email leads from a chatbox on your website, eCom store, blog or any marketing page!

Feature 5

Unseen Pop-up Feature

We all know of pop-up lead generation software. Well, with SyncMSG pro we have every customizable feature you usually have with any pop-up software – but taken a step further for your profitable advantage. SyncMSG double lead syncing technology now included with all the bells & whistles!

Feature 6

Easy SyncMSG Link Integration

Don’t want to use our buttons? No problem! Use our special one-link extra output instead of a button script to initiate the syncing process. Insert this extra snippet into any third-party buttons – the possibilities are endless.

Feature 7

DONE FOR YOU Profit-Generating Messaging Funnels

How would you like 10 messaging funnels already constructed and loaded into your SyncMSG account – ready to profit? That’s exactly what you get access to with PRO!

Feature 8

Powerful Analytics

Finally, you’re able to see exactly how your lead generation campaigns are doing. This is essential to know what campaigns are performing and which aren’t. Learn the following:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of leads generated per campaign
  • Conversion rates
  • And so much more!

Facebook is not going away. Email is not going away. People are going to keep opening messages and emails from both platforms.

This is YOUR time to take advantage. We’ve just made it ridiculously easy, and profitable, for you to do it. With a cutting edge software that’s 100% approved by Facebook and point and click simple for ANYONE to use.

We WANT you to turn each prospect into a repeat customer. And would LOVE for you to be able to do it on autopilot. SyncMSG PRO is the tool to make it happen for you.

If You’re Serious About Success with the New Facebook Lead Generation Era, Don’t Limit Your Chances of Success!

If you say no to SyncMSG PRO, that means:
  • You’re saying NO to the simplest, fastest way to proven results.
  • You’re leaving yourself more work, testing, and time before seeing results.
  • You’re saying no to the beginning of a gold rush opportunity of being able to sync email leads and Facebook messenger subscribers from double the traffic (traffic from the Facebook newsfeed and off any third-party website/landing page!)
  • You’re leaving the best Facebook leads & prospects (that are hiding right under your nose) for your competition to scoop up and profit from instead of you.
  • You’re risking never getting the results you want, disappointing yourself and your family.
  • You risk never getting the success you want from your lead generation and Facebook marketing campaigns, giving up on a future that could be so amazing so quickly.
WHY risk all of that, when SyncMSG PRO is 100% risk-free?
Do not deny your business what it needs.

It’s Your Time to Log Into Your Sales Accounts Every Morning and See Profits & Unlimited Leads from Facebook!

Remember, since you know the SyncMSG software works, doesn’t it make sense to get the Pro version that allows you to run campaigns PERFECTLY, AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY to MORE PROSPECTS on and off Facebook (double the traffic)?

That’s why this opportunity today can net you thousands upon thousands of dollars this month alone.

And it’d be a shame for you to miss out. Do you want to spend hours finding leads to sync to your email list or Facebook Messenger list? Or do you want them to be automatically added into your SyncMSG account and all your diversified lists every day?

This opportunity is giving you the freedom and flexibility to create even more wealth for yourself. We cannot wait to watch you crush it with this incredible SyncMSG PRO opportunity. Click the button below to get the SyncMSG PRO license now.


Unlock the Pro Growth Features for SyncMSG and Break Free of Any Limits You’re Facing to Instantly Benefit From Unlimited Hungry Buyer Leads, Increased Profits & More!

$127 $67 One-Time Fee
  • Sync 3x Leads from Any Website, eCom Store, etc
  • Unlock Several Special Growth Tools
  • Unlimited Email Leads and Messenger Leads
  • Simple Snippet for Third-Party Buttons
  • Unlimited Campaigns & Domains
  • Analytics for All Your Leads & Campaigns
  • 10 Done-for-Your Messaging Funnels
SyncMSG Pro

One-Time Fee Expiring After Launch Period

Are You on the Fence?

Get access to SyncMSG Pro today and put it through its paces. I’m so confident it will live up to every claim on this page, that I’ll take on all of the risk. Check it out for 30 days, risk free. And I’m not stopping there…

I guarantee that when you use SyncMSG PRO, you’ll effortlessly create ultra-targeted email and Facebook messenger leads. This will mean each lead you generate will be on lists on TWO different platforms and is the ultimate level of diversification and is going to lead to unbelievable conversion rates and a huge boost in profits.

In a nutshell, I guarantee that if you follow the training and apply the software, you’ll see a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns.

It’s not an accident that thousands of thrilled customers continue to use my products today. The bottom line is that these solutions provide real results to real people.

If at any point over the next 30 days you experience a technical issue, just get in touch with the support desk and we’ll work swiftly to resolve it.

In the even more unlikely event you’re just not thrilled with the results the software delivers, contact us for a refund. We’ll send your money back without delay.

Go ahead and invest today with confidence, knowing you have nothing to risk.